Polyamory in news reports for individuals who’ve been recently requesting, Showtime is not at all working on a time 3 of the collection Polyamory: Married & relationships.

Polyamory in the News! . . . by Alan meters.


No month 3 of “Polyamory: committed & Dating”

Movie director Natalia Garcia writes, “We are now delighted that Showtime recognized this program for as long as they did. And thanks to the followers exactly who tuned in every month and the ones people who reinforced me personally throughout this trip.”

From Kamala Devi, a crucial figure in both conditions: “thanks followers and friends which supported usa through this questionable and revolutionary task, and particular because of Creator/Director Natalia Garcia for expressing globally that monogamy is not necessarily the sole option. Getting two solid months on a widely known wire circle like Showtime is a HUGE win for humanity.”

Here’s the San Diego loved ones’ enduring fb page with info from Kamala among others.

If you should be a Showtime client, you are able to nonetheless view any shows on demand or on some type of computer or other unit.

Simple insurance coverage of month 1 and year 2, with in-depth episode recaps.

And here is an interview with director Natalia Garcia latest autumn by Heather McGuire of Mindchaotica. Two bits:

Just what happened to be your motives and aim in making the show?

I wanted to complete something which ended up being love-making good and empowered female sexually – it is okay for females to become intimately effective if they’re moral regarding this. Men are usually the “studs” and women can be deemed as whores as long as they sleep with multiple anyone. Anyone who should any study or studying understands that ladies are considerably sex-related than men and I wanted to make the game tables around look at the women as “studs.” Also, the driver to me prepared to get this series is when Prop 8 is upheld in California last year, it absolutely was that is really distressing for me the administration considers they may be able identify just what our family appears to be and inform simple homosexual siblings it’s wrong in order for them to love one another. So Polyamory: Married & relationships got the answer to both those issues. I needed in making a show that tackled women’s freedom preference in interaction and fancy trends.

Are you the series effectively symbolizes the Polyamorous area and living?

Effectively, yes-and-no. Uncover so many methods to do poly, similar to you will find so many how to staying gay, to boost youngsters, and even to eat pasta. Truly. These are the basic individuals just who place his or her schedules on display so forth that level, yes, this is a good representation for folks who didn’t come with move about Polyamory. I do believe your television series is a superb summary of men and women that had no contact with alternative prefer models. I did son’t make this tv show the poly community, they do know just what poly is. I earned this show for monogamous, main-stream, people that are in standard affairs and can’t realize they had suggestions aside from cheat or bursting up/divorce.

18 remarks:

Is there any text regarding the show hitting theaters on DVD sooner or later?

No taimi statement on any DVD put, with the exception that there certainly is not one so far.

Urge Showtime to question one! We help you can request they take a product or service at

Many of Natalia’s remarks are actually relatively offending: “I additionally wanted to establish a reveal that countered sibling spouses, the TLC tv show about polygamy. That show was gross in my experience, most of these girls becoming servants to at least one man’s wishes and regulations. I’m bad for those people, they dont really have a look happy to myself.”

You will findn’t noticed sibling spouses, you could believe a large number of monogamous many people have been recently expressing the exact same things about their tv series: “‘Polyamory: wedded and Dating’ is gross in my experience. I believe harmful to those lady, they do not really have a look very happy to me personally.”

Will there be a big change relating to the two concerts? Sure, but you can increase concerns about a lifestyle without calling they gross or generating premise the individuals that decide on they.

Yes, there can be an impact between cousin spouses (POLYGAMY) and Polyamory (POLYAMORY)

– possibly view the shows when you feedback? Relative spouses is actually patriarchal – the women do not have any preference but to be with that certain guy. Within the attacks, one of many spouses pointed out obtaining another man and she is closed by the girl man Cody as he said, “do not awful.” The man advised their wife she am disgusting for planning to much more than one wife. Therefore yeah, if my responses offend your – oh well. I’m a feminist, I am intercourse constructive and polygamy try anti-feminist particularly for ladies who need preference and generally are pushed into Polygamy for any reason.

Reside & allow real time. Polyamory is not the same, & that is what frequently frightens folks. I am not saying Polyamory, but seeing times 1 & 2 bring open my sight that it is just one way of lifetime that will be invisible, because people don’t understand & are actually excessively judgmental. What offers any individual the legal right to determine another’s way of life, whether isn’t going to affect these people directly. We claim 3 cheers to almost any community of men and women that picks to reside lifestyle considering fancy & common esteem. Again I state, Live & Enable Reside. Just my opinion!